Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering & Technology

Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy

Shri Gokaraju Rangaraju Garu

Our President,Dr. G. Gangaraju is a visionary. As an industrialist, Dr. Gangaraju realized that there is no symbiosis between the academic institution and the industry. An amateur technologist is almost at bay when he enters the industry the first time, because what he has learned in the classroom has very little relevance to his responsibilities and functions in the industry. The industry also finds it burdensome to train him to its needs. Often the theoretical knowledge of the young graduate is very high, but he lacks even the minimum practical skills. Dr. Gangaraju knows that a properly trained technologist with a strong practical bias is an asset to the industry and only such an industry can flourish and prosper.

It is with this idea that Dr. Gangaraju with the support of an accomplished and experienced team of committed and dedicated professional experts launched our flagship, Gokaraju Rangaraju Educational Society. Its main objective is to promote technological, medical and management educational institutions for the overall benefit of the country in general, and the state in particular. Against this background, Gokaraju Rangaraju Institute of Engineering and Technology was established in 1997 with the required infrastructure and great expectations. The faculty and other resource persons have been chosen with great care since they constitute the very means of successfully realizing the avowed objectives.

Shri Gokaraju Gangaraju Garu

The year 2003 witnessed the addition of another technical institution, Gokaraju Rangaraju College of Pharmacy, with a view to grooming pharmacy graduates with very sound empirical knowledge and practical skills so that these young graduates can find immediate employment in the industry. Hence the focus now is on the infrastructure facilities in this College so that it may attain internationally acceptable standards. To facilitate this the Laboratories have been provided with equipment better than those recommended by AICTE and PCI. It is envisioned that post-graduate courses and research programmes of highest quality could be made available to our young aspiring students.

Plans have been initiated to enhance and expand our educational vision to other faculties as well, and to make this Educational Society a Deemed University. This is the fond dream of our President, a statesman with vision, a pioneer in education and industry, and an astute steward of men and matters.